American Accent Training

This is the LAST English course you will EVER NEED! Discover How You Can Speak English Like an American.

Pronunciation II: Amercian Accent Training


During this course, you will meet with a native Canadian teacher, and learn from an effective method to easily speak Perfect English with the American Accent.


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  • 10 lectures of 50 minutes each includes a 5-minute break.
  • One-to-One private live Training by Skype is as real and effective as sitting across the table from us.

  • you can split the price by two-to-one, or three-to-one tuition if you and your friends want to study together.

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Course Features

intermediate Pronunciation: Speaking and Listening

Course Objectives

First, you need to finish our Pronunciation I: Accent Reduction course first, which provides clear, easy and understandable techniques. You will learn everything you need to know to reshape your English by improving not only your pronunciation but also your rhythm and intonation. Our expert teacher will show you how to make small, simple changes in the way you speak that will have a huge and immediate impact on the way you sound. 

Second, you will study this Amercian Accent LIVE Training, where you will receive individualized attention in areas that you are struggling with and any habits that you may have missed or are unaware of. You will see that by listening with our trained ears, we will pinpoint your specific weaknesses, address your biggest issues, and eliminate the smallest of your mistakes. What makes us unique is that your private training is an evaluation and a live coaching session all in one. If you wish to have additional private training following your introductory session, speak to your Speech Pathologist for guidance.

Required Materials

Course handouts (distributed in class)

100% satisfaction guaranteed

You will be inspired by your private teachers and will feel the changing immediately through the class.  you never know the Amercian Accent Training could be easier before you come to our class. With our method, all the letters of the alphabet are divided into exactly positions that enable you to say each word clearly. Words are said in a clear and elegant way. That allows you to achieve the proper intonation and range of volume required in your voice.

It's a amazing to see the improvement right away, and you never expect your Americian Accent could happen in a day. Even though there still a long way to go to reduce your accent, but now your are confidence.

Course Description

You may be thinking, “learning English is hard enough! Now I have to learn all these American accents, too?”

Relax, it’s not as hard as you think!

Chances are, you’ve already heard the standard American accent in your learning materials or in movies and on TV. If you want to talk like an American, don’t worry. We’ll show you in simple ways to practice and perfect your American accent.

The Difference Between Accent and Pronunciation

Before we explore the features of American accents, it’s important to understand that accent and pronunciation aren’t the same.

Pronunciation is more about speaking the language. It’s the way you articulate words for better understanding. Your instructor or tutor can help you with pronunciation.

The accent is where the rules of the language are governed by your location or class. Accent refers to differences in stress on letters in a word. Accent differences don’t mean that a language is spoken incorrectly. However, mispronunciation can mean that you’re speaking a language incorrectly.

Why is Amercian Accent necessary?

  • Maybe you are planning to come to America or Canada to study. If you arrive with an accent, your life will not be easy, because native English speakers will have trouble understanding you.  Start now, so you will feel good about speaking when you arrive.
  • You want to get a better job, one that requires that you speak English, more clearly, with less of an accent. Or you want to speak better at your  current job to be able to advance.
  • There is little doubt that those language students who work on their American Accent training will to have more job opportunities and higher salaries.
  • You want to ask out that pretty girl or that handsome boy, and he or she speaks English so you need to impress that person, by learning how to speak beautiful, clear English.

While over 800 million people speak English, most English speakers aren’t native speakers. Many foreigners study English and score high on tests, but when they get to North America, they face a huge communication barrier.

Non-native English speakers often speak English with such strong accents that people in North America do not understand what they are saying. While some native English speakers can comprehend a foreign accent, it is even more difficult for non-native English speakers. In North America, there are many people who spoke other languages before they learned English. Since each language has its own unique pronunciations, it's extra challenging for non-English speakers with different mother tongues to communicate with each other. Studies show that up to 70 percent of content in these conversations is misunderstood by both people. In the most extreme cases, there is a total failure of communication even though both speakers are speaking English!

A Fantastic Way to Learn an American English Accent

You may have been speaking English for years, so why hasn't your accent become clearer?

Let me answer that for you...

Accent training is rarely a part of English training curricula and I would guess that many of your former teachers didn't even speak to you in English with a good accent!

Chances are very good that you've never had the opportunity to learn much about English pronunciation and even less about actual accent. 

Add to that another problem.  As adults, we honestly can't hear the difference between certain sounds and rhythms that are new to us unless someone really points them out.  Until we recognize them and learn how to make them, they will never find their way into our speech.

But don't worry.  It doesn't mean you cannot change your pronunciation or accent.  You just need the right instruction.  That's what we do.  We show you what you are missing and teach you how to add it into your speech so you sound great.

Our American Accent course focuses on reducing your native language interference in spoken English. The program goes where no American accent training tool has gone before, providing highly innovative instruction for both students and business people. The course will take you from beginner to advanced accent reduction techniques over a 10-lectures course to allow you to practise important exercises systematically with the benefit of face-to-face training.

The best way to learn your American accent is to listen and practice. The teachers in the OHC Language Center are always the best resource because they are native Canadian who can help you with your own specific pronunciation needs. They will teach you to employ correct syllable stress, emphasize the correct words in a sentence for native sounding rhythm, speak with American intonation, link words for smoother speech flow, use common word contractions, and more.

Remember, don’t try to force it. Natives will be able to tell. Some may even become offended, thinking you’re making fun of them. Let your accent come naturally.

Keep practicing with our method, and you’ll be speaking like a native American in no time.

The importance of YOU

Learning to speak English is like learning to ride a bike. You don't learn to ride a bike by studying parts of a bike or watching videos of other bikers. You Learn By Doing. 

In order to speak fluent English, you don’t need a huge vocabulary as long as you know at least 500 words. The important thing is to have as many words as possible in your active vocabulary. To do this, don’t just learn words. Use new words in real conversations with your speak partner.

Furthemore, Don’t spend time on grammar. This rule might sound stupid at first but this is really important rule if you want to speak fluent English in weeks. Think of how children learn to speak a language. They don’t study grammar rules. They just start speaking. In fact, studies show that learning too much grammar will stop you from speaking fluent English because it will take time to develop the sentence structures.

If you are an English speaker seeking to improve your American accent quickly, there are a few key things you can do to achieve English language fluency within weeks.

Speak slowly and clearly.

Many English learners think that improving your pronunciation means learning how to speak fast. No. It’s better to speak clearly than fast. Don’t try to speak too quickly. If someone can’t understand what you’re saying, it doesn’t matter how fast you speak! You need to speak slowly enough to be able to put your tongue and lips into the exactly positions. When you are speaking, be sure to take your time and breathe slowly, be sure you are speaking in a calm and coherent manner so you are understood.  Speed is the perceived problem. For example, when Judy Hopps Met Flash in zootopia, The sloth Flash speak slowly :

" I am∽∽doing∽∽just∽∽as well∽∽as∽∽I can.  ∽∽ what∽∽can I∽∽do∽∽for you∽∽∽∽∽today?"   (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpOtEKP--9A)

Did you notice the stess parts of word here?  (Stress in pronunciation means saying one part of a word longer & louder than other parts of a word.). It is exactly the same parts as at natural speed. That’s how you need to speak English. As a beginner, you need support. Our American Accent Course will explain techniques for talking slower. It means that whenever your speaking is slowly and clearly, it keeps many the features that make speech real. Once you gain the confidence you can always speed up your tempo from that point.  The Transformation Comes Quickly!

Listen At Full Speed

Another common problem for English learners is difficulties in listening. There are, as it happens, only ever two reasons you’ll not understand something you heard: 

  1. You don't understand the words
  2. It was too fast to tell the words apart. You don't understand how it's pronounced at natural speed

Slow Audio Kills Listening Skills. The only benefit of slowing down the audio is to give you more time to understand the difficult words being used. But this is a vocabulary problem, not a listening problem. The way to improve your listening skills is to spend time listening at natural speed. When you first start listening to audio at full speed, you might feel a bit flustered. So, what's required from you at the beginning is a bit of faith! Our American Accent course doesn't train the listening skills. However, it improves your ability to cope with fast, natural speech. If you stick at it for just a couple of weeks, you'll begin to feel your listening has a ground literally shifting under your feet.

Find a Native teacher to learn from

Practicing English with a non native English speaker has some disadvantages. There is a risk of picking up bad pronunciation or learning wrong grammar patterns. Once you get these in your brain, it is hard to remove. The best way to speak fluent English is by practicing English with native speakers. When you practice with native English speakers, you will improve subtle things such as accent and pronunciation naturally. You will learn how to use slang and idioms. You will learn the right pace to speak. Pay close attention to how American English speakers form their words when they interact communicate. Watch the motions of their mouth and lips and practice the idiomatic expressions they use when they speak. So if you want to speak fluent English in weeks , make sure you find a Native English speaker to practice with. You can do so via Skype from the OHC Language Center. 

Watch American TV Shows & American News Programs

Many English learners have used American TV shows to help them learn English. The TV shows are useful for English learners because they’re popular and use everyday language. Sitcoms like “Friends”, "Offices" and “Full House” are good for English learners because they’re short and incorporate everyday problems into storylines. They also use a lot of physical humor that’ll help you understand what’s going on even if you can’t follow the dialogue at first.  Try watching TV shows without subtitles, or with the subtitles first and then re-watch it without.  American news programs are great to help you hear the American accent. For the best experience, try national news programs such as the ones listed on our Resource Page. If you know you’ll be traveling to a region, look for videos from local news stations in those areas. You may hear some localized accents. You can read the words to the story while you listen to the story, so instead of seeing the words, you can hear the words and match the correct sounds to the words. Our pronunciation tip will help you learn natural spoken English.

Practice for at least 30 minutes every day.

Let’s be honest. You can’t improve your pronunciation if you don’t practice! Speaking English is a performance skill. Try to read English out loud every day for at least 30 minutes if you have the time. This will help get you used to pronouncing common expressions and phrases. If you have a recording device, try recording yourself and listen back to focus on the improvements you can make. Practice the sounds of English until they feel as natural and comfortable as the sounds of your language. It won’t happen overnight, but gradually your pronunciation will improve. 

Get Used to Feeling Uncomfortable.

Improving your pronunciation may also mean changing your pronunciation. You may need to change the way you make some sounds, and that is difficult. One of the biggest problems for English learners is feeling uncomfortable when making the sounds of English. You have been speaking English your way for a long time. It feels natural to you. When you try to improve your pronunciation, it doesn’t feel natural. It feels strange making new positions with your tongue and lips. The sounds of English may be very different from the sounds in your language. It may be difficult and even uncomfortable for your mouth to make some of the sounds in English. This is very important to understand. Even though you may feel uncomfortable and strange making the sounds of English, you sound normal to a native speaker.

So let’s get started …

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